“The first thing you notice when taking them out of the box, is how well the box has been packaged and the earphones presented. It fills you with geek lust at first sight, and that bodes well when you pick up the bullet shaped earphones which are made of metal, and not plastic. It feels solid and the 1.37m cable also has feels good. It’s rubberised to reduce tangles and also insulates the cable well so that you don’t get annoying interference when the cable rubs against your clothes, which is my pet peeve.”

“The downside of this solid design is that these buds feel heavy in the ear when you first put them in. I was sure they’d fall out, but I soon got used to them, and no longer noticed them, even over prolonged periods.”

“Sonically, the Nuforce NE750M is good. I enjoyed listening to all forms of music and dialogue on them. There’s no overwhelming base, and nothing ever sounded muddy. There’s a slight over-emphasis of the mid-range, which does help in many situations, particularly dialogue, but it also leaves the higher and lower ranges sounding less solid in comparison. These never distorted, our sounded out of control, and didn’t colour the music significantly.”