Home Cinema Choice awarded the Optoma AVP18 and MCA20 a ‘Recommended’ badge – 4/5 stars overall: 4.5 stars for performance and 4 stars for design.

“Build quality is also top-notch, with the metal casework feeling impressively substantial”

“The most immediately noticeable aspect of the performance is that everything feels extremely energetic. Even with levels studiously checked and set, there is a sense of intense power and activity from all channels.”

“The dynamism and effortless energy of the amp is extremely exciting. Even when you listen at perfectly normal and domestically-friendly levels, it has an unruffled air that some of the single-box competition struggles to match.”

“…in tandem with the MCA-20, you get ferocious performance for the money; agile, dynamic and grin-inducing. There is very little that the integrated competition can do to compete with the sheer energy and reserves of power that the Optoma NuForce offers.”