Enriching lives. Protecting our planet.

At Optoma, we strive to enrich people’s lives with products and solutions that are friendlier to the environment. We believe product experiences should never be compromised, however, we also believe these experiences shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet and future generations. Optoma is taking action today with product designs that have reduced carbon footprints, are free from hazardous chemicals, and make use of recycled and recyclable materials. What’s more, we are a driving force behind the transition to laser projection, a more energy-efficient technology that is superior to lamp projection in many ways.

Our Environmental Goal

Working towards a Net-Zero future

Climate change is a very real and present threat that many governments and organizations are tackling to realise Net Zero by 2050. Optoma is also doing its part toward this goal. Beyond the development of more sustainable products, Optoma is also undertaking many green initiatives to achieve a Net-Zero future.

Our Environmental Goal
Our Approach

From our operations to the sourcing of materials, we have implemented reduction strategies that can bring positive change and minimize our impact on the environment.


Optoma supports the growth and well-being of its people through an inclusive culture that motivates and rewards people. We are empowering everyone to reach their full potential.


Our corporate governance structure ensures our people and operations comply with the laws and regulations of the markets we operate in and universal standards of ethics and integrity.

We are taking actionfor the environment.

Together we can make a difference.

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