“Bluetooth has evolved into a handy way wirelessly to hook up your phone to your home hi-fi equipment, but a lot of home hi-fi lacks Bluetooth capability. The answer is to add a Bluetooth receiver, a small device often powered through USB that turns an audio stream over wireless into an analogue stereo feed into your hi-fi’s RCA or jack sockets.
Optoma’s new BTR100 goes one step better, optionally delivering the stereo output optically into your hi-fi’s TosLink socket for the very best audio quality.”

“Unlike some other Bluetooth adapters the Optoma BTR100 is up-to-date with these codecs (AAC and aptX), as well as being able to do them full justice by optionally injecting the output signal digitally into your hi-fi amplifier through an optical link. If your hi-fi isn’t TosLink equipped the BTR100 will still work through a conventional 3.5mm or RCA analogue stereo with respectable fidelity.”

“It’s certainly one of the better consumer-grade Bluetooth receivers on the market, although strict audiophiles (if they deign to dabble in Bluetooth at all) will probably want to pay around £100 more for something along the lines of the Arcam rBlink.”