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BE Free8

What HiFi

December 14, 2017

“These Optomas offer up to four hours on a single charge, with a further three full charges harnessed within the case before you need to plug it back in”.

“All in all it’s a really sensible package, which is just about the highest praise we can lavish upon the design of a product like this. They’re easy to use, too, with the near-standard multi-use buttons for play/pause, track skipping and mic. And there are no issues with pairing – we’re connected within moments”.

“The balance is decent, devoid of really flabby bass or rough edges. And while the Free8s aren’t overly analytical, they are detailed enough – there’s enough body to anchor the mix effectively”.

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Droid Gamers

December 13, 2017

The sound is clear and surprisingly detailed, and the Spin Fit ear tips (yes, the idea is to twist them into your ear) offer a surprisingly good level of passive noise isolation

A decent level of separation allows you to comfortably pick out individual instruments and voices as they populate the song around you, and there’s even a semblance of soundstage. Most music sounds good, but artists like Cat Stevens and Aimee Mann, with their simple, predominantly acoustic arrangements, are a particular joy.

The BE2s are solidly built, with all the features you’d expect from a pair of Bluetooth earphones in 2017, and they boast a rich, balanced, fun sound.

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BE Free8

December 12, 2017

There’s good bass reproduction for such tiny headphones. They’re engineered to work with both the aptX and AAC audio standards. There’s a remarkable lack of listening fatigue when you compare them to other Bluetooth in-ear headphones in this price range.

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BE Free8


“For the same price as Apple AirPods, you can get better sound from NuForce.”

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December 11, 2017

“The detailed sharpness of the Optoma UHD65 is excellent and exceeds clearly the JVC DLA-X5900.”

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HEM Dynamic

Freie Presse

“This earphone benefits from the upper-class technology. No other models in this review have such a good, deep and rich bass. The Nuforce is great for listening to electronic, hip-hop or soul music.”

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December 5, 2017

Once up and running, gaming on the UHD60 is absolutely stunning. The projection is vibrant, and exceptionally detailed – it’s easy to forget the image isn’t running straight off a mammoth panel until you turn the beamer off unveiling your bland off-yellow wall.

What really makes the Optoma UHD60 special is the price. You might blow air out of your nose at the sight of the price tag being lauded as ‘affordable’ but for a 4K, HDR-capable projector, it’s a steal

Optoma have put together a menagerie of features – previously kept locked behind gargantuan price tags – into their UHD60 projector.

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BE Free8

In-Ear Kopfhorea

November 29, 2017

“Based on the sound quality, the Optoma Nuforce BE Free8 is amongst the best true wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones.  Optoma Nuforce shows that true wireless in-ears do not have to hide and tonally they are the benchmark for true wireless in-ear models. They have excellent bass and  wide and accurate stage performance.”

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November 28, 2017

Even with the curtains open and the lights on (I review in the evening and it’s most definitely autumn right now) the image is clear, sharp and vibrant. However, close the curtains and flick off the lights and the colours really pop.

Straight out of the box, the depth and vibrancy of the video produced was impressive.

Also, the colour and brightness uniformity was pretty spot on.

Even when getting close to the image, it remains sharp.

Optoma have again managed to produce a projector that is impressive for the price.

I really like the colour depth and detail and the ease of set up. It also proved its worth for casual gaming, however I would suggest you looked at the GT1080Darbee if gaming is your main thing.

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Trusted Reviews

Picture detail is unquestionably high. The projector looks particularly fine with the 10-bit 2160p output from a Sky Q set-top box. Star Trek Beyond is hugely engaging in terms of fine picture detail and colour vibrancy; Warcraft shows a mesmerising amount of texture and fine detail.

It’s often difficult to appreciate the resolution boost offered by 4K UHD on a relatively small UHD TV. However, supersize your sources to 100 inches plus, and the extra detail and depth becomes wonderfully self-evident. This Optoma does a marvellous cinematic job, particularly with the likes of Sky Q and streaming 4K dongles, as well as regular Blu-ray. Plus, colour fidelity is lush. It’s also compact and respectfully quiet in operation.

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