“The HA200 was awarded an overall grade of “Sehr Gut” = very good (HA200 = 89,5%):”

“The device offers simple construction, but immensely high-quality sound”
“It has an integrated Class-A amplifier circuit”
“The HA200 has convinced us, beginning with signal-to-noise ratio: you can turn the rotary as far as it goes without a signal input, but you will not hear any noises”
“On the positive, it also produces spacious sound…Listening to a song from Alexis Cole “Ain’t we got fun” the sweet, soft sound of the saxophone appears from front, right and from above (how the sound engineer did it, is a mystery).”
“The high level of clarity offers the ability to identify each instrument,  even if a song consists of many instruments.”
“It delivers the bass in a pleasant, cautious way; hearing the plucking of the double bass is magnificent.”