Awarded “very good” for price-performance ratio and “good” overall.

“Optoma builds a home cinema projector for “first-time-users” which is suitable for a fixed installation at home as well as a mobile solution. … Even a bit of daylight is no problem – it delivers a sharp picture with balanced colours.”


Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector

Paul Vail, April 30, 2015


With the new Optoma HD50 home theater projector, Optoma continues a trend of delivering low-cost, high quality projectors to consumers. While other Optoma projectors seem to best be labelled as family room models, the HD50 steps up the image quality by delivering a Full HD 1920×1080 image with 3D support, and an RGBRGB color wheel that is sure to impress.

Coming in at a $1,599 street price, the HD50 offers more than any of their lower priced models, including a 50,000:1 contrast rating, 1.5x zoom range and vertical lens shift, and some system options like PureMotion (frame interpolation), and a full Color Management System that may make it perfect for your home theater setup.



“The HD50 is a beautifully made piece of hardware that performed near faultlessly for us and as a result comes highly recommended.”

“In terms of picture, the clarity is excellent with the high contrast ratio giving us beautifully deep blacks that compete well with our LED 1080P day-to-day television. Similarly the colours offer plenty of beautiful depth and the high ANSI rating means that even in less than ideal lighting conditions the picture pops of the screen.”


“With its large lens and tiny chassis, the HD50 is a flexible projector that’s far more portable than the competition.”

“The HD50’s bright 2,200 ANSI lumen lamp ensures it has plenty of brightness for all lighting conditions. Colours looked rich regardless of whether we had lights on or off, and we were impressed with how much detail we saw on darker night scenes with the lights on.”