“I was perfectly happy with the fit and feel of the silicon tips fitted when the earbuds arrived, I did try the isolation plus tips which fit easily to the earbuds in place of the silicon ones, they certainly did reduce traffic noise to such a degree that I was hearing my own feet through my body and to my mind these may even be a traffic hazard when walking or cycling.”

“often when ears are stuffed there is a reaction from the ear and it swells making even something like the bud seem as if it is swelling.  I did not suffer from this even when I had the buds in for several hours.”

“My tests with speakers, headphones and earbuds are all fairly similar, a good chunk of my favourite music and some with a good range of sounds both in the higher and lower bands as well as noting separation of instruments. These earbuds gave good range and enough bass and the separation was good.  In this case I also used them to clearly hear dialog in a couple of US films that I normally struggle to get clarity especially in the female speaking – muttering – voice.”