The dwarf that sounds good”  

 “Nuforce uDAC3 is a device with a simple design without any complications.”

“Starting up the NuForce uDAC3 was by far the easiest compared to other devices of this type. It’s plug and play.”

“The sound is pleasant and well balanced for such a small device, natural with a very slight accent on bass (but not much). Regardless the types of music that I listened to, the uDAC3 never changed the sound signature and allowed the FLAC sites and high bitrate MP3s to shine at their true value. I would say that NuForce uDAC3 is the perfect companion for on-the-go audiophile people. It requires high audio fidelity files for you to appreciate the true value ‘magic’ in this metal box.”

 “NuForce uDAC3 is the first micro amp / DAC  on the Romanian market which had enough courage to come to TechView.ro for a true testing.”

“The uDAC3 surprised us with its qualities, all in a very small package, easy to carry  and use. It is the perfect companion for those who want a good source of audio coming from their laptop but don’t want to bother with settings, drivers and possible incompatibilities. NuForce uDAC3 just works and it does it very well.”