uDAC3 was awarded 4.5 stars and a HiFi Choice Recommended award.

“Despite its affordable price and dinky proportions the uDAC3 has an eyebrow-raising spec that includes a variable gain headphone amplifier and a 32-bit DAC with support for 96kHz hi-res files of most common types including DSD.”

“Using the uDAC3 principally as an asynchronous USB source with an iMac I find it really enjoyable to operate and to listen to.  The cellos in Brandenburg’s Concerto No. 3 are finely textured and there’s plenty of sparkle and detail to the midrange and upper registers of the violin.  Overall, it confidently serves up a lively, well imaged soundstage.”

“Performance-wise it’s a close run thing with Cambridge Audio’s DACMagic XS.  The latter is smaller, but the uDAC3’s volume control makes it nicer to use and the additional outputs make it much more versatile.”


“The uDAC3 works extremely reliably in all sorts of applications, from simple plug and play with my lap top and PC to using it along side my FIO X3. It never caused me any technical problems. It just works. Such a rare thing in Computer audio I find.”

“Will I be selling the Hugo, buying a uDAC and enjoying the £1200 difference in another way? Maybe.. it’s certainly a thought I’ve entertained more than once during this review. It’s more portable, less fiddly, and the differences is SQ are small.. the law of diminishing returns has been highlighted well by the uDAC3”.

“If you do and you hate it, I’ll buy you a beer at Scalford! That’s how confident I am in this bargain”.