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Optoma has collaborated with professional fashion photographer, Kuo Yaochung, to create a projection installation titled "Healing of Mountains and Seas." The installation uses the ML1080/OMA-S projector and makes use of imagery of forests, leaves, and fire along with light, shadows, and human movement to create a unique visual experience.

" Creative Portrait Photography " is an art form that is created by integrating photography, storytelling, and other forms of expression. Through this art form, an artist can fully express his or her definition of beauty. With the use of projectors, artists can harness the mediums of light, shadow, and color to create a distinct visual sensory experience that interweaves the real with the virtual for an exciting new form of artistic expression.

Healing of mountains and seas

  • “Having lived in Taiwan for almost 40 years, I have found that beautiful scenery is always around us. Whenever I take a vacation, I gravitate toward mountains and coastlines to recharge my batteries and restore myself to a state of full energy before returning home. I hope that at the end of the day, I can find my place in the world and heal myself. This is the creative concept of this work. As such, I have named it “Healing of Mountains and Seas." - Kuo Yaochung, photographer

  • "This creation makes use of an ML1080/OMA-S projector. I projected mountain scenery and combined it with a model's movement with mountain scenery reversed to look like a silent forest. No matter how loudly we vent, the mountains will always be infinite and tolerate our existence. In addition, the campfire symbolizes hope. Combining a projected image of a campfire along with the sunset, we can conjure a soothing breeze that imbues a sense of healing. "

The ML1080/OMA-S is an artist’s dream

“Compared to ordinary projectors, ML1080/OMA-S is very compact and lightweight. Its wireless projection function, combined with a mobile power supply, was ideal for projecting at the beach. It was not hampered by the environment and I found it to be superior to traditional projectors. The need for an external power source was not a hindrance, and its lightness and compact size was perfect for my needs.”

“From a photographer's point of view, in terms of content creation, using a projector is a method that I recommend. The premise is of course that the size of the device must be small and the brightness must be sufficient. If your studio can be equipped with a projector, I recommend it as it is a useful and versatile tool for photographers and all types of artists and creators.”

About Kuo Yaochung
and kworner

Kworner is a team led by photographer Kuo Yaochung. Kuo has been a photographer for 15 years and has worked on projects such as clothing catalogs, print advertisements, e-commerce sites, and portraits. Outside of photography, Kuo is involved with hair styling championships and works with a team of makeup artists, stylists, models, and other designers to provide consulting and planning services to various businesses.

ML1080/OMA-S keeps up with modern life

When choosing a suitable projector, in addition to brightness and color, the most important thing for outdoor use is a projector that is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to install. Most compact projectors currently on the market have major limitations in terms of brightness. ML1080/OMA-S overcomes this limitation with triple laser projection. In addition to laser projection, ML1080/OMA-S also features auto focus and keystone correction, which eliminate the inconvenience of manual adjustment, and short throw capabilities to project large images from a short distance. These advantages make it suitable for family outings, camping excursions, and other activities outside of the home.

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