Solutions that Enrich
Learning and Teaching

Why visual technology for EdTech?

Suited for spaces big and small

Inspire students and educators with innovative visual solutions for all types of spaces, from classrooms to large lecture halls.

Better outcomes for everyone

Optoma’s software solutions make lessons, lectures, and communications more engaging, helping educators and students better achieve their goals.

Display management made simple

Managing a fleet of large displays is easy with Optoma Management Suite (OMS), which allows IT staff to monitor and control all displays from one central location.

What solutions do we offer?

Hybrid meetings

Hybrid classrooms

With a cloud-based digital whiteboard, a range of built-in educational content, and video conferencing capabilities, prepare, deliver, and engage your students like never before.

Hybrid meetings

Mixed reality learning without the headset

With Optoma's MR Solution, create immersive and experiential lessons that help students grasp complex concepts quickly.

Hybrid meetings

A digitally connected campus

With AIO LED displays, professional projectors, and professional displays, create a campus that encourages learning, keeps everyone informed, and impresses visitors.

What can our solutions do for students and teachers?

Bring teaching and learning to the next level

Elevate the potential of educators and students with innovative solutions that foster greater engagement, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Classroom

Make education an experience, not a task

Embrace the future of education with cutting-edge solutions and technologies that make learning and teaching more fun, interactive, and effective.

  • Immersive Classroom

Let everyone see the big picture

Make learning in large spaces feel more intimate and personal with large displays that inspire, captivate, and engage students, even from the back rows.

  • Large classroom

Keep everyone in the know

Streamline communications across your campus with Optoma’s solutions and ensure everyone is abreast of the latest announcements, events, and more.

  • Hallway

  • Cafeteria

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