Create a Smarter Workplace
for Better Results

Why visual technology at the workplace?

Deliver messages effectively in any space

Streamline communications across your organization with displays for spaces big and small.

Boost productivity and creativity

Bring collaboration and ideation to the next level with built-in software solutions.

Display management made simple

Managing a fleet of large displays is easy with Optoma Management Suite (OMS), which allows IT staff to monitor and control all displays from one central location.

What solutions do we offer?

Hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings

With a cloud-based digital whiteboard and video conferencing capabilities, keep people on the same page, anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid meetings

Smart collaboration

Optoma interactive and professional displays serve as collaboration hubs with built-in digital whiteboards, wireless casting, and access to files in the cloud.

Hybrid meetings

Impressive visuals

With AIO LED displays and professional projectors, create vivid, mesmerizing, and impactful imagery to impress your visitors and boost brand awareness.

What can our solutions do for your workplace?

Realize the full potential of teamwork

From multinational projects to board of directors meetings, our innovative solutions will help you tap into the collective power of the group by enhancing collaboration.

  • Meeting room

  • Huddle space

  • Board room

Communicate with impact and effect

Whether at your next company town hall meeting or inside your lobby, our solutions will ensure your messages are engaging and imprinted into the minds of audiences.

  • Lobby

  • Auditorium

Keep everyone in the know

Streamline communications across your organization with Optoma’s solutions and make sure everyone is up to date with the latest announcements and information.

  • Cafeteria

  • Hallway

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