Impress, Inform,
and Delight Your Audience

Why visual technology for your large venues?

Utilise your large spaces to inform and impress

From lobbies, museums, auditoriums to houses of worship, get your messages across to people in a visually engaging way.

Give your events the WOW factor

Make lasting impressions at press events, conferences, exhibitions, and other large gatherings with captivating, larger-than-life visuals.

Easy display management

Optoma Management Suite (OMS) allows monitoring and control of multiple displays from one central location, saving time and money.

Why our solutions?

  • Durable. Sustainable. Low maintenance.

    Durable. Sustainable. Low maintenance.

    A complete portfolio of IP-rated DuraCore laser projectors for different scenarios.

  • Compact


    Optoma projectors are compact and come with a comprehensive range of exchangeable lenses for venues of different sizes.

  • Scalable and easy-to-install

    Scalable and

    Scalable and easy installation with built-in scalars for just about any indoor venue.

  • Scalable and easy-to-install

    Always in control.

    Real-time monitoring, diagnosis, control and remote calibration.

  • Scalable and easy-to-install

    Easy installation

    Optoma offers professional consultation services to help you find the right large-display solution for you.

What can we do for your large venue or space?

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

With projection mapping, warping, and blending, Optoma projectors can transform subjects and messages into something truly captivating and mesmerizing.

  • Panoramic attraction

  • Digital art canvas

  • Heritage & museum

Let everyone see the big picture

Project your messages and content onto the big screen to deliver sermons or presentations that engage and inspire people, even those in the back rows.

  • House of worship

  • Auditorium

Deliver critical information 24/7

Whether for traffic control, TV production, or other important operations, Optoma’s robust LED displays can always be depended on to provide critical information to those who need it.

  • Control room

  • Newsroom

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