Deliver mesmerizing
new experiences

How can visual technology delivery new experiences?

Create integrated, holistic experiences

Combine projection and LED displays with AR, VR, MR, and other technologies to deliver immersive and mind-blowing experiences that tickle all the human senses.

Redefine entertainment

Surround audiences with awe-inspiring visuals. Transform entertainment and other content into experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Push the boundaries of creativity

Give art and other creative content a new dimension. Provide artists and content creators with a new digital canvas in which to showcase their works and messages.

Why our solutions?

  • Durable. Sustainable. Low maintenance.

    Curate the
    perfect visual experience

    Delivering the required visual effect with the right mix of technologies.

  • Compact

    From dependable displays
    to creative content

    Optoma's eco-system brings together the best of display solutions with the best of creative content.

  • Scalable and easy-to-install

    Making creative ideas
    come to life

    Optoma offers professional consultation, services, and content support to help you realize your creative ideas.

How can we help you deliver new experiences?

Immerse audiences in complete wonder

With projection mapping, warping, and blending, deliver immersive visuals that enchant people in new and exciting ways.

  • Immersive ambience

  • Dome projection

  • Cave projection

  • Live events

  • Holographic cinema

  • Immersive dining spaces

Deliver realistic and interactive experiences

Optoma’s solutions can help you engage audiences and customers like never before by creating new experiences that provide an unforgettable sense of realism and interaction.

  • Virtual studio

  • Interactive activities

  • Simulation

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