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Green Design

Everything we do has an impact on the planet

At Optoma, we believe that sustainable product designs and manufacturing are essential to protecting our planet for generations to come.

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Experience more with less environmental impact

Enjoy the best visual experiences responsibly to protect our planet and create a brighter future for generations to come.

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Designed with sustainability in mind

We strive to use natural and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials to minimize the carbon footprints of our products and users.

planet planet

In the fight against climate change, action is imperative

We continually evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of our products at each stage of development and manufacturing.

Product lifecycle approach

With our green solutions, we endeavor to reduce the carbon impact of our products through every step of the product life cycle from design to consumption.

  • lifecycle lifecycle Product design
  • lifecycle lifecycle Manufacturing
  • lifecycle lifecycle Packaging
  • lifecycle lifecycle Logistics
  • lifecycle lifecycle Consumption
Product lifecycle approach Product lifecycle approach

Green Promise for sustainability

Optoma is a forerunner in green product design. Optoma’s lamp-free products take things a step further by incorporating sustainability into all aspects of their design and production.

What does the Green Promise represent?

Optoma Green Promise represents Optoma’s commitment to sustainability. We minimize the impact of our products via four key areas.

  • Efficiency Efficiency Efficiency 1
  • Material Material Material 2
  • Packaging Packaging Logistics 3
  • Packaging Packaging Packaging 4

Energy Saving

Improved power efficiency for reduced carbon emissions
up to 0 %

less electricity

*Comparison of 2023 Optoma mainstream laser projectors and its equivalent lamp-based counterparts.

Sustainable Materials

Use of environmentally friendly materials for products chassis and during production
0 %

PCR material


Efficient Logistics

Compact product and packaging sizes allow more products carried per container to reduce logistical carbon footprint.
0 X

More per container

*Comparison of 2023 Optoma mainstream laser projectors and its previous generation.

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging produced with FSC-certified paper and made with more recycled and reusable materials
up to 0 %

recyclable materials

*Based on the packaging of 2023 Optoma laser projectors.

Non-hazardous materials generate less pollution

  • RoHS RoHS
  • Mercury-Free Mercury-Free

Cloud service for a greener future

The cloud is a versatile tool that can help organisations become more sustainable. It helps your business progress toward sustainability by lowering your carbon footprint and associated costs while encouraging the research and innovations required to build a viable future. Managing and processing data on a cloud server greatly decreases carbon emissions and your impact on the planet.

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Products designed with sustainability in mind

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